2015 Academy Awards with Anna Perczak

Anna Perczak joins me to discuss the 2015 Academy Awards. Anna give us her insights on an exciting two horse Best Picture race. We also discuss how history will view this years movies, pick the rest of the acting categories, and we play a special game of "who will host the 2016 Oscars?". If you wanna win your Oscar pool, this is the Pod to listen to.

Live from my bedroom.... its 20 MINUTES TO KILL!!

Hey #Killers,

I'm really excited to launch my podcast: 20 Minutes To Kill. As people who know me know, I usually have a lot of dumb thoughts in my head, and the most recent is to start a pop-culture, interview, sports, hodge-podge anything goes podcast. Hopefully you guys will download and enjoy it, and hopefully I'll learn how to be a more interesting interviewer, and together we can hopefully kill time in our day.

I should have the first podcast up soon, but in the meantime follow me on twitter (@20minutestokill) to stay updated on the newest podcasts.